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We have moved all over the world and this was by far the worst moving experience. It started to go bad right after the contract was signed and turned into a complete nightmare in the end. Here are just a few of the lowlights.

- We received 2 inaccurate estimates from 2 of Eden's estimators (missing items, 2 different long-distance measurements, added unnecessary wardrobe boxes & dish packs, used different prices for packing material).

- Jerked around by the 2nd estimator (Shakar) on re-estimate window. He moved the window twice and never called us. We had to call him when he missed each window.

- Foreman (Miguel) on the pick-up (in CA) wanted a "pay-off" for doing the right thing on the agreed price. He then got angry when he and his team didn't get a tip. It felt like a "shake down".

- We were charged for Carrier Pack materials that were either never used or were packed so poorly that the items arrived broken. The best example is packing our 55" TV in a picture box with 2 pieces of paper (no blankets, bubble wrap - nothing). We paid extra for the Carrier Pack materials expecting a professional mover to know how to pack these items. It was almost as if they did it on purpose since we wouldn't pay them off. Total incompetence on the part of the foreman (Miguel) and his team.

- Upon arrival, the 55" TV was damage beyond repair, our 2 floor lamps were destroyed, and the TV stand had a chuck taken out of the side. And, we paid extra for these to be carrier packed!!!!

- Even the foreman (Benedict) on the unloading side commented that this was the worst pack he had ever seen and took pictures himself.

- After notifying customer service (Gary), we got the run around for 2 more weeks and then received on insulting offer of $125 and a comment that stuff breaks and his explanation was that "accidents happen and our movers are human".

I cannot believe that the BBB can give Eden's Moving Services an A+ rating. This company is the worst run company that I've ever come across. The movers aren't trained, the foreman and estimators are unethical, customer service is horrific, and the owners don't take accountability for their company's mistakes/bad behavior.

Throughout this entire nightmare, we always had to chase Eden's and we only got excuses why it was so difficult to get any information from them. You would have thought that one of the owners would have reached out to us given everything that happened - radio silence from them.

Please do yourself a favor and don't let Eden's move your stuff. Don't be tempted by the low price like we were. You will pay for it in the end because you will have to replace all the stuff they break, and you will have a horrific experience.

One reason I gave my business to Eden's was because they are a small family business and I like supporting small businesses. Well Eden's give small family businesses a bad name. The owners of Eden's should be ashamed of the poor way that they conduct business. I have no doubt that Eden's will not be in business very much longer and the few employees that they have left should run for the hills. To the owners of Eden's, just remember that karma is a ***

I'm happy to speak to anyone about our horrific experience. Please call me on 408-510-4409. John & Linda Russell

Product or Service Mentioned: Edens Moving Services Long Distance Moving Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $2050.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

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