Monaca, Pennsylvania
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My husband & I were moving from CO to Penna. Orginally had a mover hired and went thru a process of moving company bids.

Eden moving company kept calling us for the job. I told them I had a budget to work with and if they could work with $5,000 dollars for full service they could have the job. So they said they could. Well I asked them to come to my home and do a bid, and inventory.

Sales said no, we do that. We did it and on day of move we were charged another $2000 on top of $5000. Senior citizens on Soc. Sec.

cant do that. At least we can't. We were told we went over our 1200 cubic feet in the truck. #1 mistake, they should have come to home do a inventory, we are only lay people not exp.

in moving.

Anyway please do not use this company as they will bilk you for more money. BB nt do

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I thought I trust Eden mover because I live in Denver giving them our business was I WRONG! I heard alots of bad things about movers truck but this sale person promised me good news yeah right!.

I am pissed and frustrated they say this and that. We spent a lot $$$ for this mover because we flies and so hard to adjusted our schedules yet they make it so hard for u. Yes!! I would not recommend this mover ever again to families or anyone.

We have been in our new place and yet no delivering. They give u all kind of excuses...til now we are sleepin in our floor it is horrible. I called 3 different supervisors no one knows....

at this point I think all my stuffs is gone. I need advices, should I start gettin a lawyer?


Other moving companies are just as bad. The whole industry seems to be filled with sleazy, lying people.

American Van Lines did the same thing to me except they didn't show up. But they already took $2600 as a deposit and then called on the morning of the pickup and said they wouldn't be able to make it and asked if I could wait until the following week.

Now I'm trying to get my money back through American Express but it is proving difficult. If I had to do it over again I would have just done it myself and found some workers off of craigslist to lift the heavy stuff because that is what the moving company did when they delivered.

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