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*This will be long, but just for future reference... If you ever move across the country, rent a truck and DO IT YOURSELF! Friends, PLEASE BE IN PRAYER.*

Hello Michelle/Alex/Ofra,

I would like you all to know that as I continue to wait for my shipment, I am concerned with the nature of my shipment. After reading several reviews from customers who had issues with you all in the past, it is apparent that service prior to the move is much better than the actual service during the move.

Ofra was extremely persistent with her pursuit in getting my business. I accepted her offer due to her raving service and guarantees. It was apparent that during the pick-up in Missouri however the service process had declined. While I was given a 3-4 day pick-up estimate, it was very difficult for the driver to be contacted and for me to get notification as I was told at least 3 different times when to expect my driver only to have him call less than 24 hours in advance. He called the night before (around 7pm) and still showed up past the time he stated to expect him (said they'd be there between 8am-9am, showed up past 9am).

The actual pick-up was seamless. However, the contract was not in sync with what was being stated (driver requesting 60% and I had to specifically show him where it stated 50% was due upon pick-up). When I pointed this out, the driver stated this was old paperwork so he'd honor it. This made me a bit uncomfortable as I noticed the contracts were not matching what I had been told. Lastly, I was asked to document my preferred/most available date. Now while I understand you all have stated 21 days are granted for delivery, the drivers and even Ofra reassured me that my delivery date, give or take the 3-4 day window, would not be a problem. Additionally, we had even discussed plans for storage especially since the contract did state deliveries take 7-14 days. I spoke with Ofra several times as she realized I would be starting a new position in a new city with a new company and must have my items before the start date of the 15th.

Five days after my pickup, on 2/5/2016, Seanna contacted me to say my shipment was being dispatched and the estimate is 2/10/16 to 2/15/16. I told her the 15th wouldn't work as that was my first day at my new job. She was like "well we will hold the items till you give us a timeframe you'll be available". After telling her what I had been told in previous conversations, she said "well we have 21 days to get it there and hung up on me". As I tried calling back, I wanted to speak to a supervisor/manager, she refused to let me talk with one and even said she was extending the estimate window for my delivery. I am still unsure how I have 2 totally different windows of time for the pick-up and the delivery that was all explained that the window of time estimate would be 3-4 days.

Ofra did follow-up with me after this rude conversation with Seanna. She reached out to Alex and Alex provided me with Jerry's (the delivery drivers) number. I called and spoke with Jerry on Monday, 2/8/2016, and he stated that he will be here with my items no later than Sunday, 2/14/2016. I asked him at least 3x as confirmation. We did discuss weather in which I told him I've watched the national forecast and all was clear. He concurred and said he'd do his best to be here sooner, but no later than Sunday. I asked if he could provide an update in a couple days or if anything changes and he agreed.

After not hearing from Jerry, I call today, 2/10/16, only to find out now that my shipment won't arrive until next Tuesday or Wednesday, 2/17/2016 or 2/18/2016. I asked what was the reason and where was he located. He did not respond with where he was located, only that due to weather he had to drive slower than usual. I then called Ofra to see who could I speak to about this unknown delay that nobody called to communicate. She forwarded me to Alex's line who was unavailable at which time I asked to speak to her manager, Daniel.

Daniel called me back and left a voicemail as if he was addressing someone who isn't a customer. I will be sure to forward that voicemail separately as he was unconcerned with addressing the situation and didn't understand why I was calling to speak with him. I proceeded to call him back as well as customer service (Tori is who I spoke with) to file a complaint and acknowledgement that I will be submitting complaints to the formal agencies such as the Federal Motor Carrier Safety and Administration, the American Moving and Storage Association, the Better Business Bureau, the Local Public Utilities Commission, and my Attorney General. In addition, I will be including this review on FB, Yelp, and Google review pages.

I wanted this email to be a document of my communication in case I may have to file a suit against the company in the future/upon delivery.

As I have told Ofra, I wish this process would go as smoothly as how it started. Unfortunately, everyone else I've dealt with at your company has been extremely hostile and defensive when I'm the one who is without her items and paying a lot of money for you all to poorly communicate properly. This entire process would have been much smoother had the communication and updates you all promised would have been enforced. The process has not been fully explained to me still as I'm still unsure why from Feb. 1st when my items were picked up will not be delivered as an estimate until Feb. 17th.

If you all were moving, how would you like for a company to deal with your shipment? Imagine being without a bed, clothes, etc. Imagine telling your new job that you have to miss work in your first week. I'm the one who's at all the lost and all your associates care to do is point out "well by law we have 21 days to do this". Allow me to say that by law there are many things we are allowed to do, it doesn't make them the right thing to do or at the best interest of the paying customer.

Unfortunately, what has been said has not matched what has been done. At this point, I'm just praying to Jesus that none of my shipment is missing or damaged/broken like other customers. I hope you all can at least deliver in that measure.

An extremely concerned, uncomfortable, unhappy devalued customer,

Product or Service Mentioned: Edens Moving Services Moving Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Seattle, Washington, United States #1179639

Interesting. I am dealing with all these issues now.

My mum who is 80 is coming to visit me next week from Scotland and no one can give me a delivery date. I am furious at the moment.


Agree. I have waited two months for my things.

I was short

$2,000.00 when EDENS arrived at my door to begin loading

my things, dismantling the furniture and wrapping it. I was

charged $1,987.00 for items that were not on the original estimate

and another $1,300.00 for re-delivery. My original estimate was $2789 that has cost me close to $6,000.

After my experience with

these gouging movers, I will never trust movers especially movers with no business ethics. This moving company is horrible.

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