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I was disappointed in so many ways with Eden Moving Service I don't even know where to begin. Of course, they were nice and courteous, and made multiple contacts as I arranged the service with them. But after that, all details were left to the wind. Yes, they eventually got (some of) my stuff to me but with so many disappointments that just kept coming. And I do not even expect perfection, just some variation of honesty and integrity.

They were late picking up my stuff (after some drama about truck size that I had already addressed with the company rep. and had paid for a different size truck, but the driver knew nothing about that upon arrival for which I was chastised and caused a delay for the pick up of my worldly goods, etc. etc.) The estimate for moving service I had been quoted and per written agreement was nearly doubled when it came time to pay (after which they were holding my stuff hostage and gave explanations about so many extra fees and costs I still do not fully comprehend, yet with the multiple contacts prior to pick up, wonder how that happened?), my belongings got to me tightly squeezed and stuffed in a semi-truck in a most precarious way, which would not have necessarily been so bad if they would have otherwise valued my belongings and the expense I paid to get it all to me, as there was a huge number of broken things - little things, big things, expensive and non-expensive things, but all useful and important to me. Also, they did not even bring all the stuff from my prior house, explaining they didn't have enough space for it in the 2nd truck they brought when, in fact, I had arranged for and paid for a larger truck because I knew their semi would not make it to my house. Apparently it was another opportunity to increase my expense without getting what I understood I was paying for.

Either way, Eden presented with pick up complications and delays, dishonored time commitments, price estimate nearly doubled, truck size irritations and rip off, some of my things were not brought and so so many of my things broken.

I was so disappointed this company cast a shadow in my life I was glad when the horrendous experience was over and endeavored to move on so I did not contact them or complain to them until now. The entire experience was full of dismay and disappointment.

I'm only thinking about it now that I am moving again. I have changed my entire approach to moving which does not include Eden moving.

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