I had terrible experience with the Eden Relocating Services. I felt them to be very untrustworthy and un-customer centric company overall.

Apparently there are three departments that work and behave totally opposite of what the other department says or commits. The Sales Department just want to make the deal and are ready to accommodate anything. We were not sure of the packages that we would have and gave a guesstimated number and the Sales team (Joe) said that they can have few additional items at no cost. The small, medium and large box size that they gave are not in standard. I mean you don’t get these size boxes easily in Wal-Mart or Target. The shipment collecting team does not tolerate a small change in the dimension. As we did not get same size box and the height of the small box increased by 1.5 inch and they considered that as medium. So in total our allowance of 5 small boxes totally gone. Also, the cubic feet rate that is given on your initial contract is the final rate of whatever you add to the agreed quotation. Thus the collecting team behaves totally different than what sales team says. They just go by what is present on the paper. Also, the sales team says that the shipment will be delivered couple of days before or after the expected date that you want. But when you sign on the contract the contract says that it could take anywhere between 14 to 21 days to get the packages. Also this is not mentioned in the contract. You come to know about this on your final version of contract document. Also, each clause is written in such a way that it benefits the company and squeezes money out of customer (Few example, they send 53 inch trailer and if your housing society does not allow such big trailer then they will charge you $300 for getting the stuff in small vehicle to your house, rates for delivery are different for different floor and the list goes on). For us, we requested them to deliver the shipment on 7th July and we got the shipment on 29th July. When we used to call them they were not aware where our shipment was and used to connect us to the dispatch team. The dispatch team also used to give some weird answers and was rude at many times. And no one knows what was said or committed to customer. Also, when we tried to contact Joe about the shipment he never answered or returns the call. It is surprising how the behavior of individual changes once they get the commitment from customer. Joe used to personally call and follow up until we approved the quotation. He responded to each call. But from the day the shipment was collected he never answered or returned the call. How would anyone like to do business again with someone like this. This behavior is totally against any ethical or moral principles of doing business. We had all our stuff in the shipment and had to go through lot of trouble until we received the shipment. I can go on elaborating my worst experience that I had with this company but I don’t feel it worth spending much time on them. I just wished to warn few customers like me to avoid falling in their trap.

Overall, it was the worst experience that any company could give it customer. It was worst decision of my life to do business with them. I don’t recommend this company to anyone who is planning to use Eden as their relocating agent. Its bunch of insensitive and untrustworthy people who say and do things differently.

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